Sunday, January 17, 2010

I just can't stand you guys

All of you guys…no check that. All of you straight guys. See, I've got a rant thats been running on now for about 5 years, ever since I cashed out my ownership shares in my entertainment company in CMH. Think hard, you know the one: nothing else like it but SNL, blah blah blah. I could not stand my former partner any longer. I used to just think he was an egotistical misongynist but have come to realize he is actually a clinical sociopath. Moving on≥ Tiger Woods, Boffo the GM, Piesto the Sociopath, BA the Sports Attorney, Hammy of Hammy Capital Inc., embarrassing all. WTF, you men can't drag your psyches out of the American 1950s! Its the GodDAMNed 21st century but you all shit on women: you shit on their brains, their brawn, their souls. I can't begin to describe all the men my age whom I have known who were incapable of treating/seeing/recognizing they are mostly INferior to the women around them.

Case 1: Boffo has recently bankrupted 2 small bizys he owned, which preceeded his current GM slot at a former Super Hot Spot downtown. And yet he argues the definition of COGS with the seasoned female CPA that is charged with managing the filings and P&Ls for the biz! This guy has no efn clue how stupid he is, and apparently neither do the guys who hired him. And these guys have REAL money, well at least one of them. The other 3 have wannabe money that comes and goes with the balance of the AR accounts. But seriously: just 2 minutes of convo with Boffo illustrates just how low his IQ is; gotta be bumping well under 100. Yet they deem him worthy of $80k/ yr. You SERious? Also just found out this Devo was gonna fire me the week after I gave him my 2 weeks notice. Schweet!! Yes, I took a massive pay cut to change jobs, but I no longer wake at 4am with knots in my stomach and a buring desire to smoke half a pack on my way to work.

This meathead (thanks, Archie!) is truly stupid: "Our internet's down? Lemme restart my PC; that'll fix it."

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